Monday, December 10, 2012

I sweep the soul floor daily

I sweep the soul floor daily
-These lines were mentioned by a friend as in the course of an invigorating chat with her. Since that day , these lines have been resonating within me at all times, tugging at me , beckoning me , arguing that they need a place of their own.This post is dedicated to her, who has been the inspiration for this post.
Forgiveness, i believe, is a real treasure.Not for the person at the receiving end , but for ourselves. For in doing so we are able to heal ourselves from deep within.As she said , 

जाओ माफ़ किया, मैनें अपना दिल साफ़ किया 

Its we ourselves who gain at the end, we cleanse ourselves of the negativity that is holding us back.   So,

I sweep the soul floor daily...............................
Bits of ego shrapnels, with slicing edges
Broken off into kaleidoscopic  patches 
Wild expectations that become a twister
Whirling with voices dark and sinister
Some shards of pain on the uneven floor 
Piercing , drawing blood to the silken fore
Dust of those now fallen from grace
On the pedestal of worship I did place
Where love once brewed a magic potion
Lies an overturned vial with dregs of poison
 Dripping down with  dried congealed blood
Of nascent hopes that fell down with a thud 
A comatose butterfly with a broken wing
Damaged in punching words in a  boxing ring
Ignored, devoid of sensation lies a broken dream
It's pieces run amok as i wipe them clean
Tears from the pillow seeping into moist wood
 Bitter smoke rises as vengeance plays the crook

I am looking for the treasure with the golden sheen
The power of forgiveness to wipe the slate clean
It lies under the bed that I sweep in the end
Buried in the clutter of the heart on the mend 
With this I've thrown out all the hurt and the pain,
This magical  lesson helps me keep going again                
No karma to carry forward as negativity melts 
My soul floor is clean , its my favor to myself

Be blessed, friend.. Your words always inspire 

Monday, April 23, 2012


एक घर है यहाँ , और एक वहां
और बस यह रिश्तों के निशान
दूर उड़ के भी पास आना ही
करता हैं   ये कहानी यूँ बयां 
सृजन किया  एक महका सा  सपना
जो सच बन के हुआ तुम पे फना
दूर रह के भी जो दिल में खिले
तू  नियामत है जो  भरे मेरा जहाँ 

Friday, January 20, 2012


When dream weaver leaves word spinner

Clanging wheels and hissing engines

Echo in the lonely station
Teeming with wet stories
Of meeting and leaving
And voices coalesce
Rivulets of desire
Gather momentum
In thunderous silence
And dream weaver sings
In the voice of falling teardrops
As the word spinner’s tale
Echoes adieu in empty hearts

Or is it adieu?

For the thread of memories
Has knotted silver specks
Tied with the unseen voice
Of snowflakes surrendering
To a rapturous earth
As they fall silently
On a world exploded
With the voice of surrender
As two souls are transformed
To dream spinner and word weaver

How can goodbyes exist?
When in the silence of surrender
They absorbed one another
The voice of their being
Now resonates in each other!