Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sift through the Misc,
And you will find me
When through myriad lifetimes
You came and tested me
Looked in my eyes
Like an fleeting fantasy
Waiting for my dusk
To mingle with your dawn
In you the aura of the morning
Every light pales in comparison
Your fragrance seeps in my dreams
And waterfalls echo in the  jingle of your smile
Across lifetimes I wait enamoured
As your karmic debts are my chains
And like an ecstacy I live
Each life that you let go
In the certainity of the darkness of separation
Each day lived forward
Brings us closer to the emancipation
Yet I live as each chain you unravel
With the combined uncertainity
Which makes it a certainity
That our wave and particle
Will be one at the end
Sift through the Misc.,
And you will find me,
Your blackhole at the end of lifetimes.

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