Sunday, September 4, 2011


The  magical love story of Radha and Krishna -the first love of Indian mythology-
Makes one  dream to be blessed with a  partner like this whom one can  experience every swell and ebb of life with.
Togetherness in  the dawn and dusk of their lives and all the moments in  between where they would be together, Krishna glorious in his sensuality, and Radha in her surrender-is the way we imagine eternal love as.
For Radha total surrender was the way she knew how to love Krishna, and her vision of being one with  Krishna was the one in which she had no i in her
Her Krishna was the love that made her forget the i and   merge totally in him, like the drops of rain that soak the earth in saawan, and just cover everything with their divine grace.
Such was her love that she had no identity apart from Krishna, no meaning to her life away from her beloved and the world meant only one form to her-Krishna
Radha knew that love had made her Krishnamaya, and she  being in a rather playful mood one day, thought she would dress up as her beloved.
When two souls are totally engrossed in each other in love,   their facial features too start resembling one  another and  they gravitate towards each other unconciously in every way.
Radha selected the clothes, the jewellery, the headgear ,the entire accessories of her beloved effortlessly.
As her spirit knew exactly how to look like him, it was an effortless task for her.Slowly and sensually she started her endeavour, each fold of the apparel giving more glow to her radiant face.
The  shimmer of the jewels  was mirrorred in her eyes, and every tinkle of the anklets and armulets, resonated with the song in her heart. With every new adornment, she would gaze rapturously at the mirror, seeing how she was being transfomed into her beloved.
The naughtiness of the  prank gave her an alluring smile, and the love of Krishna suffused her body with the glowing softness of love. When she was done,  and looked at her reflection and was  not at all amazed to see the reflection of Krishna staring back at her. As she sauntered out, brimming with laughter inside, at the idea of fooling her friends with  her new apparition, who should walk in but Krishna!
Now it's the turn of the gopis to get stupefied, their gaze travels from one form of the    divine to the other. They compare the gait,  the resplendent attire, the graceful gestures, the ethereal looks, and none can distinguish one from the other
Radha herself admires hereslf and so does Krishna, and so enamoured are they with each other, that they  themselves cannot distinguish between Radha and her beloved.
Then slowly Krishna wakes up to consciousness , and he looks alternately at his divine consort and at himself.
Deep into each others eyes they travel and Krishna then exclaims! Yes, you are my Radha,now I know you, you aren't Krishna.
So Radha also awakes from the love induced stupor, and gazes lovingly into her beloved Krishna's face ,and gently asks him-My Lord, when not even I could make out  the identity of the two of us, such is our love; then how did you finally realise that I am Radha, and not Krishna
At that moment, Krishna held her captive in his embrace, and beheld her in his loving glance, tied her with his magical voice, and explained the mystery-Radha, you changed your entire being and started resembling me, beacuse of your deep and pure love for me.I myself found it difficult to tell us apart.We are one soul in two bodies , Radha, and even I couldn't separate our identity initially. But do you know what gave you away?
 He continues as Radha is held entranced by him- Your beautiful eyes gave you away Radha, they were the ones who played truant. In your eyes, I only saw the image of Krishna, because Krishna resides in your soul and is reflected in your innocent eyes, these eyes gave you away, Radha, my love!

Lekin karat chal nayan radhika ke,
Inmein Krishna hi samaye! 

This is based on  a bhajan  by renowned Kathak maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj


  1. Very beautiful !! Love's magic it must be ..... but only divine and pure love . No earthly love can create this wonder .

  2. True Meeta, we can only aspire to feel such a divine love, and be able to give ourselves in surrender so completely

  3. शाश्वत प्रेम... सतत प्रेम.. सरल प्रेम.. तरल प्रेम... विरल प्रेम...

    अद्भुत प्रेम का अद्भुत वर्णन ..!!

    It is easy to love, but to love so selflessly... Radha hona aasan nahin hai...

  4. Amazing! pure love is powerful. Love for God is supreme.