Sunday, November 27, 2011


i see wishes hanging from trees
where leaves once gathered gold
as autumns mellow sunshine
filters through the winter cold

reminds me of the shaded pine
where you clasped my hand
hesitatingly for the first time
and the fire in my heart
tasted wine in your blood
and millions of tiny lights
sparkled through our souls

gently you gathered a twinkle
the bud of your palms aglow
as my hands clasped yours
and they merged into one
with the glow of surrender

rememeber how then night fell
diwali lights of the mountains
scintillating hope doubly reflected
in the lake and in our eyes
and how you whispered

each diwali in one diya
this twinkling light will glow
and till you can discern it
our sacred love will flow

do you know, love?
since then my celebration
of this festival of lights
is just that  one lamp
glowing in your name
always and forever!

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