Sunday, November 27, 2011


Do you know how we share
This language as a pair
The language of footsteps
That we two did create
It’s the language of love
Which no one can translate

Its soundless words dripping
With passion unique
And rich nuances of silence
Which only we can speak
Soundless, wordless
And formless too
No grammar, no punctuation
Just seamless communication
Born of the sounds
Which can’t be pronounced
Just heard in silence
Your arrival they announce
Emotions a lonely trough
Or a buoyant crest
I can tell by the sound
Of your familiar tread
With bated breath we wait
For the sound of footsteps
 To echo across the worlds
Where we live separate
I can sense your longing
By the impassioned pace
Laced with desire
Your footsteps make
And you can feel
The depth of my low
By the silence in between
As I walk on tip toe
At times it becomes
A laborious long wait
When the sound of your footsteps
Don’t echo at the gate
And when the bells of anklets
Create this alluring tune
You know that my footsteps
Beseech you to return
We’ve learnt the enchanting music
That our footsteps together create
This symphony of love
In which our hearts vibrate

For there is no one else
Who can so well communicate
In this language of footsteps
That we two did create


Evening’s tresses sprawl across the sky
And the dark dusky temptress tiptoes in
As a tide in the sea of our senses
A raindrop of synchronised thoughts
Moistens the dried up memories
The long lost fragrance of your body
Wafts up to our heightened desires
As oceans across we lie supine
On beds on simmering dreams
Which smoulder into a raging fire
And words in colours fly across seas
Sparkling with golden shared moments
Blue with the bruises of broken desire
Sometimes red with a passionate swirl
Taking the silver from promises baked dry
In the cold and lonely moonlight
At times a hint of green envy
As others claim your existence
And create this scintillating display
Of a bridge of dazzling fireworks
Across to the land of forever

Shall we join our hands?
And walk across this fire
No fear of the beyond
Let it be gaping emptiness
The absolute black end
Or a birth again together
To live with one another
Across this bridge to forever


Each year autumn comes in its rusty attire
Wrapped in burnished gold
The notes of your fragrance
Glitter with the blush of our flaming bodies
As they wear the scarlet of your adornments
And unleash a fresh burst of passion
As we spread the carpet of desires
And catch the fallen leaves of dreams
Dreams realised with each other
Painted with immature hands
In the spring of life
Nurtured with hope
Through driest summer
To brim with passion
In ignited rain
And as autumn comes
A whiff of your scent
Unleashes freshly melted dreams
In this glorious season
Of true companions
Walking arm in arm
Through crunching leaves
Where you can hear
The whisper of my heartbeat
And I can see
The glimmer of your content
We were meant to be
Together through the seasons
Till we learnt to be
As egoless as the fallen leaf
As gentle with each other
As the warm autumn sun
As eager to please the night
As the evenings early surrender
Now that we have lived
These lessons in grace
We are the reason
Of this mature mellow season
In the autumn of our lives
Lies the autumn of our love


There was born this enchanted moment
When the rainbow showered colours
Your eyelids danced with the sun
And magic fell in raindrops
As you tilted the umbrella
Harvested the wetness of our bodies
To marinate it with our fragrance
Swirled it in a jar
Full of molten passion
And created the perfect reminiscence
Of this is was am and will
Into the bottled ‘now’
The only perfume I wear
That stays on me forever.


i see wishes hanging from trees
where leaves once gathered gold
as autumns mellow sunshine
filters through the winter cold

reminds me of the shaded pine
where you clasped my hand
hesitatingly for the first time
and the fire in my heart
tasted wine in your blood
and millions of tiny lights
sparkled through our souls

gently you gathered a twinkle
the bud of your palms aglow
as my hands clasped yours
and they merged into one
with the glow of surrender

rememeber how then night fell
diwali lights of the mountains
scintillating hope doubly reflected
in the lake and in our eyes
and how you whispered

each diwali in one diya
this twinkling light will glow
and till you can discern it
our sacred love will flow

do you know, love?
since then my celebration
of this festival of lights
is just that  one lamp
glowing in your name
always and forever!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


                                         spent lies the sedated night

and the dawn,it's shy lover
hesitatingly draws ochre across the sky
where lifetimes ago you and i
wailed at death’s surgical precision
as it cleaved us with waves
drowned us in despair

yet, born again, under this flaming sky
same stars as the same limitless
sprinkled you into my arms
gently i gathered stardust
to decorate my life with you
my blessed gift of each progression

again and we shall part
till all my soul bears
is an imprint of you
your energy pulsates me
powers this flight across dimensions
and when free will dictates
gliding i come
born again

death’s ruthless strike
our unflinching gaze
flew us to the other side
and we rode back
on the epitome
of the spirit’s quality
the life and afterlife
the supreme energy
of love