Monday, February 21, 2011

Sparsh's Tribute for Dadu Dadi's 50th Anniversary

This is an Anniversary tribute
To show that we care
To our dear grandparents
Dadi and Dadu, A very special pair
On (Feb 4) in (1961)
Dadi  and Dadu said "I do"
Joined together for all those years
That's mighty powerful glue
How the years from Sixty one to  O eleven flew
That's 50 years all told
If marriage was an Olympic sport
They'd have got themselves a gold
Once wed they soon had troubles
Meenu and Simmi to name but two
Then Ishu and Nidhi quadrupled trouble
So they quit....well wouldn't you?
Seriously though, proud parents to four children
And Grandparents to seven more
Who visit the "(Joshi Restaurant)"
It's Dadi’s cooking they all adore
Dadi likes to breeze through things
While Dadu takes his time
So together they maintain the balance
And their home does always shine
They both take walks together
And lately we all can see
How she massages the pain away
That’s been troubling Dadu’s feet
They both are loving people
It's a match that couldn't be better
While Dadi slogs to keep the place clean
Dadu is happy to let her
We admire how they are so active
And rarely seen apart
Our house feels a home with them
They’re still just kids at heart
We can reveal that Dadu's 76
That's a well known fact
Telling Dadi's age would be a breach
Of the Official Secrets Act
This is a very different tribute
But take it in good heart
Congratulations, Dadu and Dadi
You've achieved Gold with full marks

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