Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whoever is loved is beautiful!

A line that I read today really touched me-
Whoever is loved is beautiful

Whoever is loved is beautiful, but the opposite is not true, that whoever is beautiful is loved.  Real beauty is part of loved-ness, and that loved-ness is primary.  If a being is loved, he or she has beauty, because a part cannot be separate from the whole.

The person who loves sees the real beauty in the most ordinary of persons.He can feel that special fragrance of humanity in a kindred being , while others would go by untouched . But most of all , one who loves does not let sudden reactions and unpleasant situations guide our feelings. Even when these situations do arise, isn't it better to remember the innate goodness of the one we love, rather than delve on the sudden anger generated at that point, and judge them momentarily on a bias.

That is love - seeing the beauty in others and making them feel it, and becoming the most beautiful person for them in the process.


  1. I think you r right, love is complete onto itself. It wants nothing in return. One can spot beauty in the most mundane things and be moved by it. Even people working say in the fields to grow a crop. One can also love the moment and cherish it through out life and have an attachment to it. Love begets love. And the best part of love is that it makes one feel so close to God.

  2. How very beautifully expressed !!