Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today my battered soul
 Rubbed shoulders with other bodies
In  a public carriage
  Bruised body keeping pace
With festering feelings
 And  shredded love 

The jostling ,the pushing
Poking of the crevices in  darkness
 When  feelings turned blue
Flowing out  like rancid wine 
Through vacant eyes

You travel in comfort
 In swanky cars
Insufficient to carry
 That inflated ego
   Crimson with my blood
  Your soul in hibernation
Your conscience silenced
   With lure of  'I'
Someday I'll live again
 My humble  dwelling alive
 With ripppling laughter
The splinters of glass
 Embedded in my heart
 Scatter light in a rainbow

My child's a woman now
  Her humanity  my award
My soul restored

1 comment:

  1. My child's a woman now
    Her humanity my award
    My soul restored.....

    that is why the double rainbow...??