Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whoever is loved is beautiful!

A line that I read today really touched me-
Whoever is loved is beautiful

Whoever is loved is beautiful, but the opposite is not true, that whoever is beautiful is loved.  Real beauty is part of loved-ness, and that loved-ness is primary.  If a being is loved, he or she has beauty, because a part cannot be separate from the whole.

The person who loves sees the real beauty in the most ordinary of persons.He can feel that special fragrance of humanity in a kindred being , while others would go by untouched . But most of all , one who loves does not let sudden reactions and unpleasant situations guide our feelings. Even when these situations do arise, isn't it better to remember the innate goodness of the one we love, rather than delve on the sudden anger generated at that point, and judge them momentarily on a bias.

That is love - seeing the beauty in others and making them feel it, and becoming the most beautiful person for them in the process.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sparsh's Tribute for Dadu Dadi's 50th Anniversary

This is an Anniversary tribute
To show that we care
To our dear grandparents
Dadi and Dadu, A very special pair
On (Feb 4) in (1961)
Dadi  and Dadu said "I do"
Joined together for all those years
That's mighty powerful glue
How the years from Sixty one to  O eleven flew
That's 50 years all told
If marriage was an Olympic sport
They'd have got themselves a gold
Once wed they soon had troubles
Meenu and Simmi to name but two
Then Ishu and Nidhi quadrupled trouble
So they quit....well wouldn't you?
Seriously though, proud parents to four children
And Grandparents to seven more
Who visit the "(Joshi Restaurant)"
It's Dadi’s cooking they all adore
Dadi likes to breeze through things
While Dadu takes his time
So together they maintain the balance
And their home does always shine
They both take walks together
And lately we all can see
How she massages the pain away
That’s been troubling Dadu’s feet
They both are loving people
It's a match that couldn't be better
While Dadi slogs to keep the place clean
Dadu is happy to let her
We admire how they are so active
And rarely seen apart
Our house feels a home with them
They’re still just kids at heart
We can reveal that Dadu's 76
That's a well known fact
Telling Dadi's age would be a breach
Of the Official Secrets Act
This is a very different tribute
But take it in good heart
Congratulations, Dadu and Dadi
You've achieved Gold with full marks

Friday, February 18, 2011

Words,the best friends

It is wonderful to be able to read , but it is soulful to be able to treat every word as a friend. It sometimes walks past you as though an acquaintance. At other times we see but a brief glimpse  like a memory from long ago. But it is only when we are the most open to feelings, the words surround us as a fragrance , pervading our senses and letting us feel them in their entire sensuality.
That is the time when we will absorb , feel and remember each word as a lifelong friend , and that moment in time will be etched in our memory forever. A precious gem in our treasure vault , to be admired , felt and loved with all the feeling in the world.
Words , the best friends indeed!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 9:03am

As you arise from the turbulent lake,
I know you are mine through time
To me you'll always be the girl I held in embrace eons ago
The companion whose love flowed like the life giving elixir
The first rapture of the feelings of youth

Each time those feelings return with an even greater swell
And I search for you everywhere
My broken wings flapping against the cage
Someday, somewhere I'll fly again
Alleviate this pain in me of having half lived

The raven darkness inside wells up as tears
Why did I forsake this life?
To always seek you in others
Your fragrance
Your touch and feel
Your body
Your intimacy
I never stopped missing you,
Yet I looked outside
In spite of the knowledge,
That the fragrance was exuded only for me
To complement mine
You were in me

Those moments were unsullied by the plans of future
Or restrained by the promises of a life together
Where was the need to captivate you in binding?
It was just like knowing 'we'll be together forever'
The belongingness encompassing eternity
Let us choose to live in another lifetime
As children growing up together
The fragrance of my body shall guide you
Just as your eyes will show me
The expression of invitation there unchanged

Yesterday has slipped away from our reach
And today is just a fistful of sand
Once more let us complete
The emotion in your dulcet note
Reciting as I write
The yellow colour of daffodils
As spring meanders through
The duet in the wind
As we ride into oblivion

Once again, we will be at the nadir of happiness
Or at the depth of despair
The way we were eons ago
The wisdom of the mystical poets we lived
When their names were just obscurity
For what is love, but the need
To feel the yearning and the pain
So that we may experience real ecstasy?